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SAR Shield test on Ericsson T18 showing 87% reduction in SAR radiation. ( PDF: 265 kb, 14 pages)


SAR Shield test on Nokia 5110 showing 89% reduction in SAR radiation. (PDF: 277 kb, 14 pages)

Note: Tests were performed by IMST. IMST was recently used by the ABC show 20/20 to measure the SAR radiation results of 5 popular cell phones. The tests conducted on the SAR Shield were done using The Dosimetric Assessment System DASY (10 MHz – 6 GHz) which is used for assessing SAR-distributions in tissue simulating liquids. This advanced system was used to FCC, EU, and Industry Canada standards. These results were then reviewed and accredited by an outside firm, NEMKO, located in San Francisco, USA.