Our cell phone radiation chart is updated weekly in order to ensure it is the most complete cell phone radiation chart on the internet.

If your phone radiaiton level is not on the chart, please email us your make and model and we will include it in our chart . Our email is email@sarshield.com

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Cell Phone Manufacturer and ModelSAR US Rating(1.6W/kg)SAR EU Rating(2.0W/Kg)
Alcatel One Touch 1550.65
Alcatel One Touch 1560.65
Alcatel One Touch 2560.59
Alcatel One Touch 3100.74
Alcatel One Touch 3110.74
Alcatel One Touch 3201.12
Alcatel One Touch 331 / 331a0.720.49
Alcatel One Touch 332 / 332a0.630.43
Alcatel One Touch 3550.88
Alcatel One Touch 517d0.901
Alcatel One Touch 5310.86
Alcatel One Touch 5350.810.57
Alcatel One Touch 5560.60.4
Alcatel One Touch 557 / 557a0.660.43
Alcatel One Touch 5650.660.43
Alcatel One Touch 7080.950.66
Alcatel One Touch 710D1.12
Alcatel One Touch 7350.810.57
Alcatel One Touch 735i0.810.57
Alcatel One Touch 7560.80.5
Alcatel One Touch 7570.8
Alcatel One Touch 806D0.67
Alcatel One Touch 813D1.27
Alcatel One Touch 8351.20.75
Alcatel One Touch 8881.16
Alcatel One Touch 9900.899
Alcatel One Touch E2051
Alcatel One Touch E2271
Skypephone S2x1.19
Anycool T8080.591
Anycool T8180.977
Anycool T8280.977
AT&T Cingular 21251.44
AT&T Cingular 31250.825
AT&T Cingular 81250.79
AT&T Cingular 85250.79
AT&T Quickfire1.1
AT&T Tilt1.47
AT&T Z3310.667
Casio Exilim C7210.524
Casio G'zOne TYPE-S1.34
C-tel M2581.87
Dallab D9001.02
DBTel J60.94
Dell XCD351.35
Denso Touchpoint1.3342
Denso TP 21001.38
Denso TP 22001.44
Dopod 8100.65
Dopod 8380.327
Doro 3450.702
Doro 4100.483
Fly MV1301.88
Fly MC1601.77
Fly MV1701.82
Fly-Ying F0350.658
Garmin A500.714
Geepas B1111.82
G-Five M71.79
G-Five T1801.82
Gild E781.77
Glofish x5000.74
Hansum M501.76
Helio Ocean0.724
Helio Ocean 21.02
HP iPac 63150.652
HP iPac 63400.65
HP iPac 65000.83
HP iPac 65100.83
HP iPac 65150.83
HP iPac 68280.47
HP iPac 69100.387
HP iPac Voice Messanger (FB142AA)1.221.27
Huawei Ascend M8601.22
Huawei Ideos X20.34
Huawei Ideos X50.7730.562
Huawei Ideos 81501.27
Huawei M835 Comet0.820.562
Huawei U8800 Ideos X50.34
Huawei U8650 Sonic0.939
Huawei U86521.290.9
Imate 8502 Ultimate1.450.727
Imate Jam0.53
Imate K-Jam0.618
INQ chat 3G0.60.597
INQ Cloud Touch1.17
Innostream INNO 900.8
ITTM Confort1.62
Karbonn A51.53
Karbonn A91.62
Karbonn K31.69
Karbonn K71.83
Karbonn K91.72
Karbonn K1111.79
Karbonn K3301.82
Karbonn K4451.97
Karbonn K4511.89
Karbonn K5411.68
Karbonn K14141.88
Lava A91.79
Lava ARC051.69
Lava B51.86
Lemon IQ5051.82
Maxx MX1241.77
Micromax A50 Super phone Ninja1.69
Micromax A551.71
Micromax A601.79
Micromax A701.89
Micromax A751.72
Micromax A781.69
Micromax A841.63
Micromax A851.69
Micromax A100 Superphone1.58
Micromax C1111.85
Micromax EG3331.86
Micromax GC2561.72
Micromax GC3601.62
Micromax GC4001.58
Micromax M21.77
Micromax Q21.88
Micromax Q2+1.69
Micromax Q31.92
Micromax Q51.87
Micromax Q71.78
Micromax Q501.79
Micromax Q55 Bling1.69
Micromax Q751.82
Micromax W9001.62
Micromax X11i1.81
Micromax X1151.69
Micromax X1161.73
Micromax X1181.82
Micromax X2151.77
Micromax X2221.82
Micromax X2881.69
Micromax X3301.79
Micromax X3951.78
Micromax X4501.68
Micromax X5501.86
Micromax X5601.77
Micromax X6001.97
Mitac MIO A7000.61
Mitac MIO A7010.77
MLV G811.87
Multitone CH701.45
Neonode N21.311.8
Nexus One by Google0.867
Olive WIZ VGC8001.41
Orange SPV E2000.82