The number of scientists warning manufacturers, the media, and governments of the health dangers caused by electromagnetic pollution is continually increasing. This has now reached the point where the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association will start publishing information on the amount of radiation that enters users’ heads when they use various wireless phones by requiring manufacturers to submit data — called SAR’s for “Specific Absorption Rate” of radiation. The information will be included in the product literature inside cell phone packaging.The reason for the publication of SAR’s on the packaging of cellular phones is due to the growing public pressure on cell phone safety. George Carlo, a public health researcher who spearheaded a three-year, $27 million research program for the cellular telephone industry on possible health risks associated with such devices said in his report that the radio frequency radiation from wireless phone antennae “appears to cause genetic damage in human blood,” while another case study uncovered a “statistically significant increase” in neuro-epithelial brain tumors among cell phone users.

“The public wants to know, and a couple of months ago a blue ribbon panel set up by the British government said outright this information should be on the box. So there is growing pressure worldwide to make this information available to consumers,”

-Louis Slesin, editor and publisher of Microwave News speaking to CNN.

SAR Shield dissipates high frequency electromagnetic energy. Attenuating the electromagnetic field by up to 89%. The biological effects on the user, and anyone standing nearby are greatly reduced, below levels that are considered dangerous by the FDA. In reducing the levels of radiation SAR Shield reduces the suspected effects that exposure to intensive levels of high frequency electromagnetic energy cause, such as, loss of memory, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, Leukemia, headaches, and brain tumors. SAR Shield has been independently tested, using FCC and Industry Canada approved SAR testing guidelines.

SAR Shield was developed using the P.A.M. SYSTEM® technology, applied to aerospace findings. The technology used in the SAR Shield is comparable to the electro-physical principles that make US Air force Stealth aircraft invisible to radar systems. The materials used in the construction of the SAR Shield withhold and dissipate electro-magnetic waves without reflecting them into the surrounding environment.

SAR Shield can be fitted quickly and simply to all cellular phones using a self-adhesive backing. The SAR Shield is metallic blue and silver, to complement the design of your phone.

To view the complete tests results on the SAR Shield click SAR radiation tests

With SAR Shield you can enjoy the convenience of a cellular phone without worrying about cellular phone radiation.

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