Protect yourself from the cell phone radiation emitted from the antenna of your mobile phone with the SAR phone shield. Electromagnetic radiation EMF has been proven to be harmful. SAR Shield is the only cellular radiation shield to be tested using FCC SAR testing protocols. Safety is accomplished by dissipating deadly cancer causing electromagnetic radiation by up to 89%. Eliminate the dangers today! Available for phones with and without antennas.

Cell Phone Radiation Chart

Want to find out how much radiation your cell phone emits? Check out our Mobile Phone Radiation Chart.
SAR Shield Product Information
SAR Shield reduces the radiation emitted by your cell phone by an outstanding 89%. Find out more about this great mobile phone safety product

Mobile Phone Radiation Information
The danger of radiation from cell phones is real. Find out what you can do to protect yourself and your family with this mobile phone safety device.

SAR Shield Test Results
SAR Shield has been tested by IMST, the same renowned lab used by ABC News 20/20. We stand by our product, and we are the only company to post complete test results on the internet.